iGamingSecurity is a specialized cyber security, penetration testing and training company which provides a full range of cyber security services for iGaming Companies and iGaming-related Companies such as Affiliates. With over 10 years of experience in the sector, we have had the opportunity to remain ahead of most security companies. Thanks to our support and services, we keep our iGaming Companies safe, who in turn keep their clients safe.

Preferred Cyber Security Partners

Our Services

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Educates all members of staff about the most recent techniques and attacks used in current business hacking scenarios.

Phishing as a Service

Fully-managed phishing program designed for organisations who are worried about their teams’ ability to accurately differentiate between phishing emails and genuine ones.

Penetration Testing

Simulates real world attacks on IT systems like mobile apps, web applications and cloud infrastructures with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities before real hackers do.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

A Risk & Vulnerability Assessment is a good starting point for any company that would like to assess its security posture in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Cloud Security Assessment

Comprehensive security assessment of your cloud environment tailored to your environment and organisational needs to improve your cloud security posture.