Cloud Security Assessment

The Cloud has become an inescapable buzzword in the past few years. Cloud computing has opened a plethora of opportunities for companies to achieve operational excellence in their field in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner.

In the past, when infrastructures were purely on-premise, scaling up the business infrastructure while keeping it reliable was a matter of buying additional hardware and keeping redundant servers for when the main ones failed. The cloud has streamlined this process and has given the opportunity to every organisation to launch resources on demand with a few clicks at a fraction of the cost.

While from an operational and cost point of view the benefits of adopting a cloud-based infrastructure are numerous, it comes with its own new security challenges.

Cybergate’s Cloud Security Assessment ensures that your environment follows industry-recommended standards and that vulnerabilities are discovered before an attacker can exploit them. Our Cloud Security Assessment is based on recommendations and best practice guidelines provided by Amazon, Microsoft and CIS and is enhanced by our extensive experience in identifying exploitable weaknesses in cloud environments.

At the end of the engagement, a report detailing the found vulnerabilities and deviations from good practice along with actionable and tailored remediations is presented.