Cyber Security Awareness Training

Hacking activities and data breaches are becoming more common by the day. iGaming Companies are responding by investing in security products such as firewalls, AntiViruses, WAFs, and security services such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.


All these controls are vital to an organisation’s security stance, however they can be easily bypassed by hackers targeting your employees. The less knowledgeable employees are with respect to cyber security, the easier it is for malicious attackers to gain a foothold in your company.


iGamingSecurity’s Cyber Security Awareness Training programme enables organisations to rectify this gaping security hole. The training session is designed to educate all members of staff, including management, about the most recent techniques and attacks used in current business hacking scenarios.


Attendees will also be trained on how to identify, respond and report these attacks should they be targeted. The training covers techniques on how to identify Phishing Attacks, Spear Phishing Attacks, Vishing and Smishing, and Ransomware. It also updates all those attending on Safe Internet Habits.


Training can be carried out in person or on-line.