External Infrastructure

In the highly competitive iGaming sector, productivity and accessibility are becoming the top priorities of these organisations. This can have a deterrent effect on the security of your IT infrastructure and can leave gaping holes if not planned with security in mind. At the same time, publicly-accessible IT systems at the external perimeter are a necessity to provide services to customers (eg: web servers and email servers) and to remotely administer internal resources (eg: VPN and SSH).


These systems provide a gateway between the internal company and the outside world, drastically increasing the attack surface, and hence should be considered high risk.


iGamingSecurity’s External Infrastructure Penetration Test provides a comprehensive mapping and security assessment of your external landscape be it on premise, i.e. hosted by you, or in the cloud (eg: AWS, Azure and GCP).


Not only will this identify potential issues that your organisation’s exposed services could introduce, but also reveals superfluous ones which can be removed to drastically reduce the attack surface, leaving only the necessary services for your business to function.


While iGamingSecurity’s External Infrastructure Penetration Test methodology uses industry-leading tools to augment testing and capture low-hanging fruit, the assessment is largely conducted manually to adapt to your unique external infrastructure’s topology and business requirements.