Internal Infrastructure

iGaming companies build their internal infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of files, centrally storing and access of internal data and to allow staff members to authenticate to internal systems. These internal networks tend to hold core servers such as File Servers, Active Directory and critical databases which make up the crown jewels of a company.


At the same time, employees are given access to these same critical servers to carry out their work. In the event of a disgruntled or rogue member of staff, this could pose a serious security risk due to the elevated privileges these members are implicitly trusted with. Whilst securing the perimeter is an invaluable exercise, the protection of internal systems from an assumed compromise perspective is just as valuable.


iGamingSecurity’s Internal Infrastructure Penetration Test provides a comprehensive mapping and security assessment of your internal landscape be it on premise, i.e. hosted by you, or in the cloud (eg: AWS, Azure and GCP).


Not only will this identify potential issues that your organisation’s services could introduce to insider threats, but also reveals superfluous ones which can be removed to drastically reduce the attack surface, leaving only the necessary services for your members of staff to do their work.


While iGamingSecurity’s Internal Infrastructure Penetration Test methodology uses industry-leading tools to augment testing and capture low-hanging fruit, the assessment is largely conducted manually to adapt to your unique internal infrastructure’s topology and business requirements.