Web Application and API

Web Applications (Web Apps) are the bread and butter of iGaming companies. As these businesses depend on online customer transactions, online presence is inevitable. iGaming Web Apps are, by their very nature, rife with information security risks, challenges and implications. In addition, they deal directly with money and transactions, making them very attractive and profitable targets for cyber-attacks.


It is therefore of paramount importance that iGaming Web Apps are thoroughly security-tested against the latest web attacks to ensure that the data processed by them and the money they handle are not in jeopardy.


iGamingSecurity’s Web Application Penetration Testing methodology utilises the same tools and techniques malicious actors use and provides a comprehensive assessment of a Web App’s security posture.


Based on OWASP’s Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) with a focus on the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, iGamingSecurity’s Web App penetration test ensures that vulnerabilities are discovered before they’re exploited by cyber criminals


At the end of the engagement, a report detailing the vulnerabilities found and how they were exploited along with actionable and tailored remediations is presented.